In the end I got it repaired by:. At least not for the people who are not computer savvy. I got this info from here. Andy July 31, Do you get any image on the screen at all? I am not sure what did i do.

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Work time 20 minutes, including this post and paperwork.

But there is a crack on the outside and the damage to my screen is on the same spot on sony vaio pcg-7t1l inside. Maybe the broken hinge damaged the cable. Keith November 10, pgc-7t1l The left portion of the screen is good but in other parts some are black and some with other color with no clear image. I turned it off and replaced sony vaio pcg-7t1l old screen.

Thank fully external monitor works. Maybe you accidentally pulled the cable from the connector while taking apart the display panel? When Pcv-7t1l plug the old screen back in and restart laptop it will sony vaio pcg-7t1l up, I then unplug the old screen, plug in the new and it lights up no display just light.

I have found a same sony vaio pcg-7t1l screen from an Acer laptop. So my question is: The damage that was done to it involved many cracks spread out across it, but a small portion of the screen still worked. Your blog is quite interesting. Bart Pcg7t1l 23, I agree but not with the whole statement. I know that because i connected the LCD to the motherboard of another laptop and it works. The wider end connects to the screen supplies data signal and another one to the sony vaio pcg-7t1l board supplies power for inverter.

Is it very chip on craigslist?

So not sure if the LCD is really compatible. Disconnect the new LCD and install the old damaged one back in place. Could just be the laptop lid switch is jammed — check that first its always a first sony vaio pcg-7t1l before moving on.

Could that be the scenario of a broken motherboard? Or are there any pcf-7t1l sony vaio pcg-7t1l to make this work besides finding the exact LCD model to replace it with? I plugged it in following instructions and double checked the video cable connection. Hi, I have a sony vaio pcg-7t1l with my replacement laptop screen. Have you tried connecting the video cable to the connector at all?

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

Mine works perfectly again and I am happy for that. Valerie September sony vaio pcg-7t1l, We have ordered a screen from screenaid and need to find a resolution for our customer. Sony vaio pcg-7t1l had a problem like that last week. You can fry the motherboard by installing a wrong screen. This is my guess. I correctly inserted data cable and inverter cable.

Does it go into BIOS with the hard drive removed? Could you show me how to replace it?

New screen installed but not working

All I sony vaio pcg-7t1l is a white screen…no pics, fonts, faint images. Amir April 10, I have a Gateway ma7… I purchased a replacement screen on Ebay. I used your troubleshooter and after securing my ribbon which was a little loose everything works!! I can post about how I did this, but it gets pretty long. Erin November 16,