What do I need to use the program? Result Codes in V. DSR will become active after answer tone has been detected and inactive after the carrier has been lost. Modem 0 Line Playback 4. How to set dialer to dial or not to dial ” 1 ” for numbers from the specified area codes? Double click on it and in Driver tab click Uninstall.

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If your purpose is to remotely execution of the external program it can be still done with the Voice mode generic 56k hcf data fax modem and Monitor Lines enabled option. Speaker and microphone are connected to the computer’s soundcard. Make sure that computer’s microphone and speakers are enabled not muted by checking the mixer options available by double-clicking on the volume control icon in Systray bottom, right corner of your screen.


See Xn for extended result code subset enabling options. If on-hook, the modem will go off-hook and enter command mode.

The DGC driver is available at no charge. These pages generic 56k hcf data fax modem extensive information on the HCF modem: Make the following test: Switching off dialing tones when using as a speakerphone in hard mode.

The termination generic 56k hcf data fax modem may not appear in the body. These modems are good for use as a speakerphone but for the playback or recording purposes these modems can be used only as a half-duplex modems: This option is especially useful in hotels or large companies, where it is usually necessary to dial a special prefix digit, such as an 8 or 9, to reach an outside line.

On the other hand, when the dialing number does not include local area code but that option is checked, dialer will automatically insert local area code number.

Result Codes in Dats. This program may not work with all versions of Windows and may not be updated – try the Doctor’s HSFBoost program instead. The next step is to use another application to send dialing request. Then do the following:.

Sets S46 bit 1. The modem has connected to the line at bps and carrier reporting is enabled.

Conexant CX93010 Reference Manual

Use the test file and and send TapiLog. Page 92 Generif a break immediately to DTE. Select “HyperTerminal” by navigating through the Start button to “Programs,” then “Accessories,” then “HyperTerminal” Double click on “hyperterm” or “hyperterm.

Open the ” Device Manager ” as showed generic 56k hcf data fax modem. If there is such one or more devices it means you have the multiple instances of the same modem installed, and that is confusing Windows. Find the correct modem driver: Fcl – Carrier Loss Timeout ms.

Linuxant – Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets – Introduction

Some modems, specially older hardware models may not recognize busy signal when being used in voice mode. Subsequent responses are disabled. Selects asynchronous operation in normal mode speed buffering. H – Disconnect hang-up If on-hook, the modem will go off-hook and enter command mode.


Mouse right-click on a phone number in a webpage and select DIAL from the menu to initiate dialing that number. For the default setting. No value can be written. Select Facsimile Class 1.

S5 – Backspace Character 3. G – Select Guard Tone Default.